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At the BSPS Summer Championship Show, held in August every year, there are two team competitions. These are a fantastic opportunity for children to represent Wales and all come together for the grand parade of all of the teams in the Main arena.

There is an Inter-country team competition where children competing in WHP classes get the opportunity to be selected to represent our Country Wales against teams from England, Scotland and Ireland. Each team consists of 4 ponies from 133cm, 143cm, 153 cm and Intermediate WHP classes competing against the other Countries teams. Their results are converted to points which count towards the overall team result.

The Premier League team competition covers WHP, SHP, SP and Heritage classes giving children the opportunity to compete against all of the other BSPS areas. The Premier League Team requires members to enter a premier league class at the Championship show, either red or blue divisions, in order to be put forward for the teams.

If you are attending the BSPS Summer championship show and have qualified for the primer league class please contact us via our facebook page if you would like to take part.

Every 4 years or so there is an International WHP team competition with Wales, Scotland, England and Ireland taking it in turns to host the competition and there are usually some guest nations that take part. In the past these have included nations such as Western Austalia, Belgium, South Africa, New Zealand to name a few.  In 2019 it is Wales’ turn to host. The teams are made up of WHP combinations from 133cm, 143cm, 153cm and Intermediate heights. The competition involves 3 phases starting with a Dressage test followed by a WHP class and finishing up with Show Jumping. The points gained from placing in each phase are added together to give the overall result. There is an individual award as well as team award.

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